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My “first” valjean

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So this is a little appreciation post for Jeremy Hays as Raoul.

I haven’t had the benefit of seeing very many Raouls, and the ones I’ve seen had fairly weak characterization. So, when I saw Jeremy as Raoul I was really shocked, because having a Raoul and Christine that seem genuinely in love changes the entire dynamic of the show.

Jeremy Hays and Mary Michael Patterson had really great chemistry on stage. They are so obviously so important to one another that the show begins to feel as though it is revolving more around their relationship than the Phantom. And I think that’s a good thing. Because then the Phantom (Hugh’s Phantom, at least) seems so much more intrusive. It becomes much more difficult to justify his actions because you see how out of place he is, how unwelcome and how unwanted and how absolutely creepy his actions are. It doesn’t make his story any less heartbreaking—in fact it almost makes it more heartbreaking because you have an even greater feel for his isolation and solitude. But it also makes it easier to see WHY the Phantom is so wrong for Christine, and why Raoul and Christine are right for one another.

I’ve seen some very good Christines who held up their half of the r/c dynamic, but when you have both a Raoul and Christine who are putting their all into the relationship, the show takes on an entire new level.

Jeremy Hays is a Raoul who holds up that end of the bargain and WOW, having the third lead playing on the same level as Christine and the Phantom just completely changes the show and it’s absolutely incredible.

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jeremy hays: les mis 2010 US tour rehearsals

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"Double Christine day for photo call!" (x)
"Double Christine day for photo call!" (x)

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@leenhamm That’s Jeremy’s dad on the Today show holding a sign “Jeremy Hays opens in Phantom tonight” #proudpapa

 That’s Jeremy’s dad on the Today show holding a sign “Jeremy Hays opens in Phantom tonight”

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But no really


But no really

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Look down. (At these sexy men)

Complete casting for Toronto Les Mis announced!

Returning US Tour members:

Genevieve Leclerc as Fantine; Rachel Rincione and Jason Ostrowski as swings; Richard Barth, Katie Beetham, Andreane Bouladier, Ben Gunderson, Brittney Johnson, Cornelia Luna, Matt McMahan, John Rapson, Matt Rosell, Alan Shaw, and Aaron Walpole as ensemble.

Full cast

@jtforbach Monkey Joe climbed to the top of the tree!
@jtforbach Monkey Joe climbed to the top of the tree!

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